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Finding a Real Estate Agent with Leadership Skills

Tips when buying your first home   Becoming independent is quite a huge deal and moving on your own is one of the most important decisions of your life as an adult. You chose where do you want to live, how you will support yourself and other big decisions that you never had to deal…

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Kohls Coupons 30

Get an Early Peek at the Fall Collection The nice thing about the fall 2014 Collection of is that there are many collections being offered, each one from a different designer. This means there is lots to look for from as the fall season is just around the corner. So be sure…

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Interested in Becoming a Business Leader

Organizations need good leaders in order for it to progress. Without a good captain, a ship will never reach its destination. If the captain is not knowledgeable and skillful enough, the tendency is that there will be mishaps and of course, the ship will sink. A good leader can make the business boat sail swiftly…

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What is Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Established by the US Congress in 1988, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was put forward to recognize the business achievements and quality of  successful organizations  strategies in performance which is awarded by the President of the United States.  With the private sector involved, the National Institute of  Standards and Technology  or NIST administer the…

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