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Becoming independent is quite a huge deal and moving on your own is one of the most important decisions of your life as an adult. You chose where do you want to live, how you will support yourself and other big decisions that you never had to deal with in your life. To make this transition easier for you, here are a few tips on what to be careful about when choosing your first home.
Number one mistake that you can avoid doing does not know how much can you actually afford to spend on your first apartment or a house. You have money that you have been saving for this big decision and you want the best for yourself, but you do not pay it enough thinking and you end up spending much more than you can actually afford. Before you actually start looking for a perfect home, write down how much do you have right now on your bank account, what will you have to pay when buying, where is your work compared to where you would be living, so you know exactly how much will you be spending to go to work every day and home, write down all the things you will have to pay monthly and other necessary things, such as donating (if you do that) and how much will you be saving monthly for the future. To help you find a good Realtor in Cerritos visit site
To save money once living in a home you purchased, you will want to change it up a bit and decorate it so it fits your personality and your taste. Do not waste money on something you can’t really afford and will not make any difference in your life. There is plenty DIY tutorials online that you can find and take time to do things by yourself. It is much cheaper and it will definitely reflect who you are and what you like. If you plan on living there for a longer period of time and plan on having children, you do not want to purchase a home with one bedroom. If you are a young adult and this is your first home, you will probably move into a bigger home, so you will probably settle with less, but if you already have children and planning on staying for many years in your first home, you should think about the future too and not buy something that will not suit your needs in 5 years.
Before you decide on which property you will buy, weight on your priorities. Do you want more space or do you prefer a better location? Can you live in the area that is close to work and has a nice friendly atmosphere, but you would have to be in a smaller home or do you prefer having a bigger place to live in further than you imagined before and away from your friends? When buying your first home, it is all about priorities and what things you can handle not being perfect, to have other things fall in place just right.
Being a young home owner will put tons of responsibilities in your hands and you will have plenty of decisions to make. Are you truly ready for a life on your own? I know you are an adult and obviously already thought about what you will need and where do you want to move, but it is still a big decision. You will most likely not be able to just drop everything and move back to your parents’ basement. Not that they would want you back, which can also happen, but you will have signed all the paperwork and bought everything that is ready to be used. You must be ready personally and financially.
After you found a few great homes that could potentially be yours, check out the neighborhoods’ plans for building in the future. If you have no kids, the playground will really not be necessary and if you prefer a quiet night in, having a bar next to you is simply not acceptable. Having some knowledge about the future plans of the land around you will easily help you decide if you really want to stay here, even it is a lovely home.
I know that reading all the paperwork is such a hassle when you just want to move already and settle down, but the you in about 3 years might thank you for that. Many things can be hidden between those promising words that you most likely not agree with or even slightly like it, so take an afternoon for yourself, boil some hot strawberry tea and read every single page twice if needed, until you are satisfied with everything you read and truly committed to purchasing this home.
If the home is new, there will hopefully everything be alright and in perfect condition, but if there has already been someone living in it, you might want to be careful before signing those papers. Check that everything is in perfect conditions, nothing is leaking or broken, there are no deaths that occurred in that home (ghosts are not fun) and you will find yourself having to deal with broken staircase down the road, just because you forgot to check those little things that seemed not so important to you.
At the end of the day, what is most important is that you feel like home there, that you are happy with the place you invested money in and that it payed off and it feels good for you and whoever moved in with you. There are plenty of things that you will have to do before finally buying that perfect lovely home for you and it will take time, patience and confidence, but when you are finished, you will sigh with relief knowing that you did everything that you had to do and are now living in your perfect home.


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