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What is Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

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Established by the US Congress in 1988, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was put forward to recognize the business achievements and quality of  successful organizations  strategies in performance which is awarded by the President of the United States.  With the private sector involved, the National Institute of  Standards and Technology  or NIST administer the Baldrige award and its Performance Excellence Program.  The application process for  the award includes submission of details such as achievements and improvements on the following areas: Leadership, customer focus, measurement, analysis, strategic planning, knowledge management , workforce focus and operations focus and results.  As part of the application process,  a detailed report and a thousand hour review are done by  independent board of examiners where they evaluate the highest –scoring applicants thru these requirements.  In addition, the application process has to have the most-cost effective manner and have a comprehensive effect on the organization or business.

One of the program’s  impact is that aside from  playing a valuable role in helping U.S. organizations improve, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award gives the awardee a chance to be recognized and  admired worldwide which not only makes them popular in a sense but admired and looked up for others to excel the way they have.

Internationally, there are almost 100 programs for quality that are patterned if not modeled after the Baldrige  Quality Award. Its establishment in different part of the world is impressive. The different programs, however that have been included are Global Excellence Model Council who look up to the Baldrige program as the international leader of quality.  The years between 2005 and 2011 alone, 551 U.S. organizations have applied for this award.  Winners may be two-time winner s or first time awardees. Nonetheless, this prestige in the organization or business gives them an edge with the rest of the applicants or even the other businesses that strive for quality excellence.  Just in 2010 alone, out of the 83 applicants for this award, this covered or represented 277,700 jobs alone. That includes also the 1500 work locations and over $38 billion in budget / revenues.  That is talking about 80 million customers served!

Since 1988, there have 95 awardees of the Baldrige Program.  Amongst the consistent or two-time winning applications are Ritz, Motorolla,  Xerox and Sunny Fresh Foods to name a few.  Each year, the winners do not solely represent  a certain type of company or business. Based on the application process and requirements, these businesses have  rated from the food industry to technology era. No matter what your business ensues, the quality of your business is what the program is about.  Big league players always aspire to be in such exclusive award programs not only to promote their brand to definitely make a mark in history when quality is mentioned.

Amongst the 50 states in the U.S., each participating business is given the application forms and requirements of such award giving body. To make sure that the business is legit and qualified, the screening process becomes a tedious work of checking and double-checking with standards that meet the award body.

The Criteria for Baldrige could be adapted to fit the unique culture and challenges, if any for your organization or business. This will help you evaluate the performance and assessment of innovations if there are needed by the company to get results.  In taking this journey to become an awardee, you have not only set your standards at par with Fortune 500 companies in terms of quality but also you have become a contributor and part of the national if not international effort to improve the performance of America’s competitive repute in the world.  That is a global factor you must too consider when you are in the program or being evaluated for the award.  Knowing that your business or company is better off in terms of quality, efficiency, results, service and strategies gives you a high regard for standards, quality and prestige.

Not to make other businesses feel small-scaled or intimidated, the Baldrige National Quality Award  have come up with structures for aspiring businesses with links that help them get through the application process or simply inspire them to aspire for better.  Criteria where they can fall into may be with Large Fortune 500 companies, such  Boeing Aerospace Support as an example, the  Small Businesses, Large Hospitals,  Large and small schools and even colleges, nonprofit and government entities.

Taking that journey with being a Baldrige awardee is not only worth your while, but also an experience you get to pass on to future and aspiring companies and businesses who thrive for excellence and standards for their growth. Being able to join the bandwagon of success and quality is not only a leg to boot but also an advantage to all parties, employees alike joined together for a common goal and retrospect.


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